PVC Photoluminescent Rigid Sheet

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Photoluminescent rigid sheet is a common material used for making photoluminescent signs. Our PVC photoluminescent rigid sheet is fire-retardant, and can be easily cut and printed on using silk-screen printing and inkjet printing. Customization service for glow color, glow intensity, size, thickness, and printing.

  • FOB Price: 10-100USD/SQM
  • MOQ: 10SQM
  • Supply Ability: 100,000Square meter Per Year
  • Port: NINGBO, SHANGHAI, Etc.
  • Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, Western Union, Etc.
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    Our standard PVC photoluminescent rigid sheet is made with glow in the dark powder with PVC resin. It is completely non-toxic, harmless and does not contain any radioactive element. It features quick light absorption and long afterglow duration, and takes the lead in luminance performance among all its peers.

    Photoluminescent PVC rigid sheet is flame retardant. It can be cut into different shapes, printed using silk-screen techniques and made into photoluminescent signs of all kinds, including photoluminescent warning signs, photoluminescent fire-fighting signs, photoluminescent safety warning signs. etc.



    1. Many luminance grade, excellent parting off performance, easy to use.

    2. Fire retardant: it can extinguish automatically when moved away from the fire source.

    3. Excellent printable performance: silk-screen & inkjet printing(solvent ink).


    PVC Photoluminescent Rigid Sheet Specification

    Model     Thickness
    Size Afterglow Intensity
    Appearance Color
    Glowing color
    10 min 60min
    MH-B-G050 1.0 1m X 1.2m
    >50 >5




    MH-B-G100 1.1 >100 >10
    MH-B-G150 1.2 >150 >20
    MH-B-G200 1.2 >210 >30
    MH-B-G300 1.3 >300 >35
    MH-B-G500 1.6 >500 >68
    MH-B-G700 1.6 >700 >90
    MH-B-B200  1.2 >170 >15





    Test standard for afterglow intensity: DIN67510-1


    Customization Service

    Customization service available for: thickness, size, glow in the dark color, afterglow intensity, surface(matte or glossy), whether it is self-adhesive.


    Additional Information

    For more information regarding payment or more general product info (like MOQ, packaging and shipping), please visit: FAQ page. Or by sending an inquiry to our sales team. 

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